I was born in Patagonia Argentina in 1985, between the ocean and the strongs winds.
I finished there my highschool studies in the Patagonian University College (CUP), with Bachelor degree in Media and Arts. (2013)
Motivated to continue my studies in Film and Arts, I moved to Buenos Aires City. Where I got my Degree as a Film and Tv Producer (University of Buenos Aires).
Between 2007 and 2014 I learnt and devoted myself to photography, film lighting and camera work. First as a Gaffer and Camera Asisstnat in movies and audiovisual productions, then as a Cameraman and DOP in Short Films, TV, Commercials and Live music shows.
I made my first DOP in a Feature Film in 2009 and then I continued mastering and working my skills in Cinematography, where my latest DOP were the Faeaure Film INTERLUDIO in 2013 and the documentary film "To Die Sowing Life" in 2015.
In 2014 I co-founded the Intercultural Travel Project "Qultural Nomade" and travel from Patagonia to Chile, filmmaking short videos and documentaries.
Then traveled to Guatemala, CentroAmerica. Where i worked as a Documentary Film Director and Filmmaker for the company Estrella Audiovisual.
Following my career and travels, I worked as an independant filmmaker in California, USA and in Mexico.
During this years I also founded a Travel Magazine project, called "VAPOR_ Video and Photography on the Road" where I show my work as a video and photojournalist.
Currently working as a freelance filmmaker and cameraman in Hamburg, Germany. Looking forward to keep working and developing myself, achieving new goals, meeting new people, work teams, places and professional growth.